Hexagone Paris, Summer 2015

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France / Paris

A design orientated restaurant, with a lot of attention on visuals, especially the wall drawings throughout the venue. Overall experience on food was above average, frog legs cooked with Chanterelle mushrooms and shallots is a surprise, the meat is super tender inside cover with a crispy breadcrumbs.   Florentine egg is one of my favourable dish, it is not easy to find it in Hong Kong.  The texture of Comte cream Mornay Sauce and spinach mousse is super light and refreshing.  It makes a good balance of heavy taste of egg yolk.

Thanks to the chef who gave me an opportunity to try “wild” rabbit, a very first time to have it in my life.  The rabbit leg’s ballottine stuffed with foie gras and served it with Swiss chards.   I like the sweet of Swiss chards seems it is perfectly match with foie gras.

A nice touch on the menu was they offer half portion on starter and meat items during lunch.

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