Craving seafood in Aomori, Spring 2016

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Aomori / Japan / LINCE / seafood / sushi / tempura / 北川 / 大黑壽司

Both 大黑壽司 and 北川 are family-run sushi and tempura place nearby Aomori port.  大黑壽司 serves good quality Ubagai, Abalone and scallop sushi etc…… while the chef of 北川 prepares seafood tempura.   I couldn’t say it was a very amazing dinner with really special items are served, however, it’s a bloody steal!!  A cost of full sushi/tempura set dinner menu is in between 1,600 – 2,100 yen. Seems they don’t mind razor-thin profit making and no need to face the difficulties of high operation cost.  That’s why their food quality is always keep in a high standard.

Last but not least, there is a stylish Japanese Italian restaurant named LINCE, quite unique gastronomic dining experience to have Italian cuisine infused with the freshness of Aomori seafood.

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