Aomori wet market, Spring 2016

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Aomori / Japan / market / sake / seafood / Shirakami Sanchi / 安東水軍


When i had a walk in fish market, i felt regretted how come i didn’t stay in airbnb with a kitchen.  Except Fuji apple, cider or other apple products in Aomori, there are a wide range of seafood for home cooking.  Sea pineapple (Hoya), barnacle, horned turban shell, monkfish with liver, leather jacket fish, Kurigani (Hokkaido Helmet Crab), Japanese salmon and spicy mentaiko, most of the marine products are coming from the coastal water of Northern Japan.

Unfortunately, i was not flying back home from Aomori directly, no chance to grab some spicy mentaiko for my all time fave pasta.  However, it was not a bad idea to pack a bottle of local sake 安東水軍 in my baggage. 尾崎酒造 is brewing 安東水軍 with natural water coming from Shirakami Sanchi (白神山地).   It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in between the border of Aomori and Akita prefectures, another epic scenery place covers with forests, waterfalls, mountain peaks and lakes.

*thx for my boyfriend took some Shirakami Sanchi pictures during his cycling trip with friend.

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