Have a sweet tooth! Ginza, Spring 2016

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Ginza / ice cream

柏屋菓子店,  a very old shop hidden in Ginza selling wagashi (和菓子) run by an old couple. There is a limited choice of sweets compared to other chain dessert stores. I guess their recipes are simple, however, i am so impress their sweets are showing the beauty of simplicity without fancy decoration or artificial colourings. Wrapping my 豆大福 (red bean mocha, daifuku) in a 70’s vintage rose pattern paper. Feeling nostalgic!

ふるさと茶屋, you can find the freshest ice cream in Tokyo. 茶屋 is a small coffee shop in a supermarket mainly selling agricultural products. The fresh milk of ice cream is delivered from dairy cattle within 36 hours. Mr. Shinzo Abe, the current Prime Minster of Japan paid a visit before to show his support of local agricultural products. Affogato is highly recommended.

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