Tonkatsu, Spring 2016

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cutlet / deep fried / pork / tokyo / Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu aka deep fried breaded pork cutlet with rice, a very popular Japanese food you can find everywhere in Japan. But this place called TONKI is not your average Tonkatsu. TONKI open at 4pm everyday, but people line up outside way before. Remember this is a very old restaurant, with over 70 years of history. The interior design is super stylish, yet so simple, white celling lights hanging evenly apart. Only bar counter seats on the 1st floor in a “U” shape format, wrapping around the kitchen area, where you can see how your cutlet is cooked! TONKI only serve Tonkatsu and nothing else, either lean or fatty  pork. Their bread crumbs coating is also very different from other places, very thin and yet they don’t stick to the cutlet, kind of wired but still taste very good!  Deeply appreciated the chef owner, he is in his 80s and no where near retirement.  He is the only person who handle the hot deep fried cutlet with barehands and serve it on your table! A must try if you visit Tokyo.

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