Sushiya, Spring 2016

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Ginza / sushi / tokyo

Sushiya is run by Takao Ishiyama, he learned his crafts from the big boys, Kanesaka and Saito before he decided to open his own. One of the best reason why Sushiya is becoming well-known, it is because this young sushi master started his business since 2012 at the age of 28.

Hidden in Ginza alley, Sushiya is hard to find even with google map on your “iPhone7+”. We were the only non Japanese customers that night occupying 2 of the 8 seats in the restaurant. Except sushi, he also served black trout (Nodoguro) in Kaisekis style, pickled saba mackerel (people said it is a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids!!) and grilled flounder.

They offered two different grades of sea urchins (uni) from local, bright and muted yellow with total different texture and sweetness. Overall experience was good, but i can see he was struggling to make sushi for 8 people at the same time. I would give him 90 points of a hundred.

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