Japanese crab cuisine, Spring 2016

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crab / seafood / tokyo

Ginza Kitafuku specialized in crab dishes, all seatings are in private rooms, even for just two people. Seasonal crab for the night were Heir Crab (Kegani) and Red King Crab.  After some simple appetizers, the chef brought in a huge live crabs, prepared and cooked right in front of you.

The chef cooked both crabs in different ways, including lower legs for sashimi, upper legs for charcoal grilled, the body’s part is served as cold dish and throw the claws in hot pot.  For me, the texture of crab sashimi is a bit wired and seems crab is not that tasty served in raw without marinate.   Charcoal grilled crab is the best coz sea water was evaporated under the fire heat. The crab meat is full of authentic salty taste of the ocean without the help of seasoning.

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