Journey of Sensations, Summer 2016

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Champagne / French food / Taichung / Taiwan

We went to Tokyo and tried the dishes of  L’Effervescence and Florilège in 2014 and 2015.  Personally, I put a high hope of Chef Namae Shinobu all along as he is the future star of Michel Bras.  I like Bras’ so much, i like they respect the natural taste of food without cliche ideas and overkill concept.  Seems Chef Namae learnt quite a lot from him. I can see Bras’ style in his dish and I am sure he will push the limit and make it better than the master.

Chef Karate Hiroyasu picks unique ingredient such as old cow’s meat as a selling point which the taste is not my cup of tea, however, i appreciate he has the guts.  I didn’t try Chef Lanshu Chen before, that’s why i fly to Taichung just because of “Journey of Sensations”, a six-hands culinary event hosted by Le Moût with 10 courses serving.

The whole menu experience is too heavy of ingredient selection and there is a lot of rooms to improve the wine selection as well.  For example, veal sweetbread prepared by Chef Lanshu, i don’t think it is a good item to put it in a menu and following the softshell turtle fritter.  I tried soft-shell turtle prepared by Chef Karate before, be honest, i don’t expect to have it again for this special lunch, the texture of turtle is pretty tough for me. I expect a new idea, a new sense as well as the new style to echo the theme rather than just put their existing old stuff in this collaboration menu.

For the dessert, I was so happy to have Tonka Bean ice cream when i saw the menu, however, broad bean cream cover the unique taste of Tonka Bean.

A bit disappointed for the lunch however, I am sure i will go to Taichung and try Le Moût again.

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