La Réserve Rimbaud, Autumn 2016

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France / French food / Montpellier

We went to La Réserve Rimbaud for a lunch after a pleasant morning walk in the flea market nearby the charming local Arc de Triomphe. Rimbaud got my attention cause is located right beside the peaceful Rives du Lez (the river). Not sure what to expect, after looking at the menu, we took the wine pairing set lunch, price is quite attractive, less than EURO100 with good quality rosé and white.   I was so surprise the chef is so thoughtful of the “Entrée” dish since most of the chefs are only focusing on the main and dessert.  I picked grilled duck foie gras with figs, nuts and lemon, the lemon mousse give a freshly touch on foie gras that i didn’t try it before.  My friend took red tuna coming from Mediterranean sea with smoky eels bedding on sabayon sauce.  The sweetness of sabayon clashed with smoky nose, can you imagine the taste bud is stimulated by this complexity flavour?

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