Marseille, Autumn 2016

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France / French food / ice cream / Marseille / sail boats

I paid a visit three years ago and tried the bouillabaisse at a famous restaurant named Miramar at the old port pier, the taste was a bit salty, portion was too big for me and the price was quite expensive.  This time, I come to Marseille and have bouillabaisse again.  I didn’t make the reservation at any restaurant, just walk in a family run restaurant hidden in a small alley.   They serve traditional bouillabaisse as well which is a large portion with 6 fish filet in three services. I just picked the “petit” portion with 3 filet of fish.  I am happy with my small portion soup as i can try oyster too.  The lunch menu is EURO34 only, is good price as the prep work of this soup is quite time consuming.   Traditional Bouillabaisse is cooking with 6 types of fish including Saint Pierre (John Dory), Baudroie (Monkfish), Red Rascasse, Vive (Weever), Fielas (European conger) and Galinette (sea robins).  All of them are coming from the shores of the Mediterranean.

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