Chateau La Coste, Autumn 2016

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Architecture / France / hotel / vineyard / wine

We took around one hour drive going to Chateau La Coste after lunch in Marseille. We did enjoy the tranquil place, a rich Jewish man bought this chateau and transformed it to the next level.   Architect/interior designer Andre Fu from Hong Kong was invited to participate part of this project.  The chateau is including “infinity” vineyards, restaurant, book shop and Villa La Coste for visitors who wanna stay overnight.  What’s more? Outdoor artworks everywhere, I should say it is an art and architecture journey, a chateau with a dose of art.  The most impressive one should be the “Spider” on the pool created by Louise Bourgeois.

This kind of “win win” idea is quite common in France, I visited Voyons Voir art and vineyards tour in Provence few years ago with locals.  It was good to let the contemporary artists had an opportunity to display artworks/installations in suburb while the art lovers, family and friend could buy a few bottles of Rose when they were popping around for a visit during the weekend.  Of course, the artist list in Chateau La Coste is quite notable and the scale is hard to compare.

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