La Mirande, Avignon, Autumn 2016

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Avignon / Cooking / France / French food / hotel / wine

Our second time staying in La Mirande, I am crazy for this little boutique hotel festooned with beautiful decor with a cozy touch.  The location is perfectly good, just right next to the Palais des Papes which is the most renowned place of Avignon.    We were more than happy having a room with a small balcony and enjoying my white under the sunny warm breeze!

We joined the cooking class at La Mirande and happy to meet Chef Severine Sagnet again.  So exciting to prepare dinner for 20 people in a small historical kitchen, cooking food with an old charcoal stove was so much fun.   Guests were invited to have a wine tasting in an old vault before the romantic “candle light” dinner.    Having dinner with people from all walks of life was quite interesting, can you imagine Russian poker player and a cooking ma ma from the States were sitting on the same table?    Worth to “seize the moment” and treat yourself to an evening of a special culinary pleasure!!

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