Les Avisés, Autumn 2016

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Anselme Selosse / Avize / Côte des Blancs / Champagne / Chardonnay / Cramant / France / French food / hotel / Jacques Selosse / Oger / Reims / vineyard / WineGrower / Winemaker

Jacques Selosse is easily the best Champagne and grower Champagne on planet earth. Yearly production is very limited which make getting hold of a bottle very difficult even if you live in France.  If you are Jacques Selosse hardcore fans and like unique style of this Domaine very much, staying at Les Avisés is a must, here you can have any bottle you want at a reasonable price!

Les Avisés also operates a restaurant with cozy vibe, the sparkling water is coming from local region natural water and prepared by them.  We pick Version Originale (VO) which is produced in 3600 bottles each year, Chardonnay coming from three Grand Crus area Avize, Cramant and Oger.  How lucky am I having this elegant wine under the lovely sunshine.  As they said, “le respect du vivant pour l’expression du Mineral”.  Not a bad idea to have an al fresco lunch in Les Avisés, cost only EURO39 (wine exclusive), good environment, nice food, perfect sunshine and fantasy wine!!

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