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Wine Tasting at Chateauneuf du Papes, Autumn 2016

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Chateauneuf du Papes / France / Paul Avril / UNESCO / wine / WineGrower / Winemaker

If you are thinking the taste and nose of red from Chateauneuf du Papes is spicy, heavy, lack of elegance and finesse. How about trying the white?  I love it at my first sip.   The humid and hot weather of that area is so difficult to produce white wine, that’s why 94% of the wine produced is red while the white is much rarer. Close des Papes by Paul Avril is my favourite brand, their family has […]

La Mirande, Avignon, Autumn 2016

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Avignon / Cooking / France / French food / hotel / wine

Our second time staying in La Mirande, I am crazy for this little boutique hotel festooned with beautiful decor with a cozy touch.  The location is perfectly good, just right next to the Palais des Papes which is the most renowned place of Avignon.    We were more than happy having a room with a small balcony and enjoying my white under the sunny warm breeze! We joined the cooking class at La Mirande and […]

Chateau La Coste, Autumn 2016

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Architecture / France / hotel / vineyard / wine

We took around one hour drive going to Chateau La Coste after lunch in Marseille. We did enjoy the tranquil place, a rich Jewish man bought this chateau and transformed it to the next level.   Architect/interior designer Andre Fu from Hong Kong was invited to participate part of this project.  The chateau is including “infinity” vineyards, restaurant, book shop and Villa La Coste for visitors who wanna stay overnight.  What’s more? Outdoor artworks everywhere, I should say it […]

Chateau De L’engarran, Autumn 2016

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France / Montpellier / wine

Degustation is one of the best activities in South of France.  We paid a visit to Chateau de L’engarran nearby Domaine de Biar. Every vineyard supports “Journees Du Patrimoine” every year in Sept, it is a kind of open day full of fun, all the Chateau/vineyard’s owners open their places to the public even though during busy season for the winemaker.   On a beautiful Sunday, volunteers were introducing their place by role play and music […]

Richard Juhlin Master Class, Autumn 2015

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Champagne / Chardonnay / Jacques Selosse / Richard Juhlin / wine

Having a chance to join Richard Juhlin master class organised by Major Cellar and Cru Magazine.  It is my first time to try Jacques Selosse champagne from Avize region. “Initial” is a blend of three Chardonnay vintages from Avize, Oger and Clamant, the plantation area for prestige champagne only. Good wine with good grapes.   Champagne comes with elegant with charming style, caramel favour melting in the mouth. Wine maker is like a chef and […]